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Strategy for sustainable development of the Lombardy Region: public consultation online

The Lombardy Region launches a public consultation gathering citizens; stakeholder and public administrations in order to define together shared paths for a sustainable development of the territory, which could take into account the environmental, economic and social factors.

In 2015, Italy joined the new United Nations Agenda "Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development" and approved in 2017 the National Strategy for Sustainable Development as the main tool for coordinating the implementation of the Agenda 2030 in Italy.

By adopting the principles of transversality, universality and integration of the 2030 Agenda, the strategy intends to strengthen the collaboration and interaction skills necessary to integrate sustainability objectives into territorial and sector policies.

Defining a new growth model is a strategic goal, which involves both the national and the regional level.

On September 18, the new challenge of the Lombardy Region, launched with the signing of the Protocol for Sustainable Development, started from Palazzo Pirelli: the ambition is to make our territory, already the economic engine of the country, a "sustainable locomotive" able to drive the national transition towards new development models.

This public consultation aims to contribute to a long-term look, to carry out targeted, shared and, above all, built actions based on the needs of the people and the specificities of the territory.
Il questionario proposto approfondisce, all’interno del tema dello sviluppo sostenibile, gli ambiti prioritari dell’economia circolare e della bioeconomia.

The consultation will remain open until November 11th.

In order to participate 15 minutes are needed, filling in the form you find at this link.