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Circular economy: the EUSALP regions shine due to the recovery of special waste

With 29.4 million tons of wastes recovered (37.8% of the total in northern Italy and 27.3% of the national total), Lombardy became in 2016 the first Italian  region to recover such amount of special waste. The other regions that are part of the Eusalp such as Veneto with14.6 million tons (18.8%) and Piedmont with10.5 million tons (13.5%) did also very well.

A data analysis was conducted at the regional level and the results were presented in the Special Waste Report of 2018, which was prepared by the National Center for the Waste Cycle established within the Istituto Superiore per la Protezione e la Ricerca Ambientale (ISPRA). It was revealed that the  total quantity of special waste produced in all of the regions of the Center is close to 25.3 million tons. Among the regions of the Center, Tuscany has  recovered 10.5 million tons (41.6% of the production of the entire macro-area) and the amount for Lazio region is about 9.2 million tons (equal to approximately 36.6% of the production of central Italy).

In the South, Puglia, with a total production of special waste amounting to almost 9.5 million tons, covers 29.6% of the total geographical macro-area (about 32 million tons), followed by Campania with almost 7,1 million tons (22.2%) and Sicily (about 6.9 million tons, 21.4%).

Given the high level of special waste production, the capacity of Lombardy,Veneto and Piedmont to recover and reintroduce a higher percentage of waste into a virtuous circle stands out. At the national level,108.5 million tons of special waste were recovered.