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In the EUSALP region enterprises engaging in activities related to green economy are doing well. Excellent performances are underway for “green” jobs.

In the Lombardy Region there are 61.650 eco-investing enterprises , almost the 20% of the national amount. Veneto occupies the second place (34.797 units) while Piedmont follows with 38.869 companies. Regarding other regions, Lazio, Emilia-Romagna and Campania have 32.545, 28.270 and 26.176 green enterprises respectively. has . At a provincial level, the highest number of green activities are carried out in Rome (25.082) and Milan (21.547),  leaving far behind the other Italian provinces:  there are slightly more than 9.000 eco-investing enterprises in Turin, Naples and Bari.      
These are the data included in the 2018 Green Italy Report prepared by Symbola e Unioncamere (promoted in collaboration with Conai e Novamont under the patronage of  the Ministry of  Environment and Protection of the Territory and  Sea) which aims to measure and verify the strength of the national green economy.
The Italian Green Economy, which involves now ¼ of the total number of the enterprises,  is the narrative of a dynamism in the foreign markets sharply superior in respect of the rest of the Italian productive system. 
Regarding green jobs, Lombardy is still the guiding region with 123.380 green jobs, equivalent to a 26,1 % of the entirety of the green jobs in Italy, which is followed by Emilia-Romagna (45.562), Lazio (45.480), Veneto (42.654) and Piedmont (38.869). The provincial list reflects the regional one. Indeed, the northern provinces rank in the first twenty.   As far as the details are concerned, Milan occupies the first place with around 63.200 units  (  in which 13,4 % of the total national demand for green jobs is present), Rome comes after, where the  request for green jobs reaches to almost 37.600 new activations (7.9 % of the national amount). Turin is in third place, with almost 23.500 new contracts (5 %) and Naples is in fourth with almost 16.800 contracts. Brescia and Bergamo are included in the top 10, both with more than 10.000 units. 
In terms of the incidence of professional green figures with respect to the total amount of the foreseen entrance in 2018, the top positions in the ranking are  only occupied by the northern provinces: Milan (15,2%), Turin (14.5%), Monza (13,9%), Bergamo (13,4%), Bergamo (13,4%) and Brescia (12,8). 
As in the previous editions,  the green jobs’ contribution to  the Italian GDP has been calculated by using these data, . The product added value obtained in 2017  is 197.2 billion euros, equal to 12.8% of the total, with a regional ranking based on the value of this quota in which Lombardy and Trentino Alto Adige occupy higher rankings with a share of 15.1% followed by Emilia-Romagna (14.2%), Valle d'Aosta (13.6%), Molise (13.4%) and Lazio (13.3%). Lombardy is also the region where more than a quarter (precisely 25.1%) of the total added value produced by green jobs in the country is concentrated with a higher incidence than the case of the total added value (with respect to which   21.9% of the national figure is concentrated in the Lombardy).