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Kick off Meeting

With the ceremony of the passage of the 'Kolo Wheel' from  Tyrol to Lombardy and in the presence of the Minister of Regional Affairs and Autonomy, Erika Stefani, the Alpine regional macro strategy named the EUSALP, founded in 2013, officially started on   February 28 2019.

 The president of the Lombardy Region, Attilio Fontana said that: “This is a new experience that looks to the future focusing primarily on young people. The macro-regional strategy is important to offer  a different approach  for the relationships between the people who live in Europe,  the territories that have a homogeneity of interests and the need to have common answers. ", stated the president of the Lombardy Region, Attilio Fontana.

  The President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella, wanted to send his greetings to the participants as well and made the following statement:

 "The regions,  local communities and  different areas are now connected by these traits which  contribute to g-iving substance to and empowering   the European cooperation within a  dimension complementary both to that of the union’s and the national states’, thereby  approaching  to  the needs of the citizens more closely than before  ".

"Essential in this sense,  continued President Mattarella,  is the involvement of the civil society and I hope that during the Italian Presidency, everybody can be focused on the opportunities that the macro-regional approach offers in terms of potential, growth, development and innovation”.

 "The macro-regional strategies are born as a concrete example of a different institutional conception that aims to  find solutions for a 'multi level governance’”, said the Regional Councilor for the Environment and Climate and delegate to the Eusalp, Raffaele Cattaneo.

Underlying the "great depth" of the interventions of the 300 representatives of the countries that took part in the Kick Off Meeting, Cattaneo made the following statement:

"We have received a  confirmation   for the strategic nature of the model we have chosen which gravitates around the green economy. We will focus on innovation and research, mainly in the field of sustainability with a particular focus on young people to whom many initiatives will be addressed . Great attention will also be paid to the infrastructure connections throughout the Alps.”

Cattaneo concluded by  emphasizing  the importance of creating the trans-European network 'Ten-T' and  as well as the TAV Turin Lyon within these connections. and stated as follows:

“However, together with macro interventions, the minor ones should also be terminated, especially where bottlenecks make large projects ineffective. Great emphasis will be placed on the initiatives in the field of culture because the Alps are held together by a municipality root  which is the Greek Judaic Christianity that makes the sharing of common values possible ".