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Agenda Eusalp 2019

The year of the Italian Presidency of Eusalp is an intense year, full of initiatives, events and many meetings. There would be several kinds of meetings; some with a more technical nature, such as workshops organized by the Action Groups and others more institutional and about governance, such as the Executive Board meetings or the Action Group Leader Board. Starting with the kick off meeting at the end of February, all the events of this year in the European macro regional strategy Eusalp will be listed below.

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Timeline Events

Kick-off meeting of the Italian Presidency EUSALP 2019 - Executive Board 1

On 28 February the Political Kick-off meeting was held in which the Lombardy Region, on behalf of Italy, officially assumed the Italian Presidency of EUSALP - the Alpine Macro-regional Strategy - for the year 2019, with the evocative ceremony of the passage of the "Kolo" wheel from Tyrol to Lombardy.

In addition, other important institutional meetings were held, the Action Group Leaders meeting and the Executive Board.

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28 February -1 March 2019- Milan

Workshop on Energy and renewable sources “Energy Efficiency in Alpine Enterprises” (AG9)

The promotion of energy efficiency measures in the economic sector in the EUSALP macro-region is a strategic goal of EUSALP Action Group 9 that has the mission "to make the territory a model region for energy efficiency and renewable energy". On March 21 and 22, 2019, decision-makers, energy agencies, civil society, administrations, businesses and their associations and R&D gathered in Bolzano to discuss strategic steps of the EUSALP to support and promote energy efficiency in enterprises.

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21-22 March 2019 - Bolzano

First Routes 4EU Conference for the Alpine Region

With the main topic “Strengthening regional development through the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe” the first Routes4U meeting for the Alpine Region is organized by the Council of Europe, in cooperation with the Autonomous Region of Valle d'Aosta, under the umbrella of the EUSALP Italian Presidency 2019.

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2-3 April 2019 - Forte di Bard, Aosta

XLV National Selection of the European Youth Parliament

Between 5th and 7th April, within the work program of the Eusalp 2019 Presidency, the XLV National Selection of the European Youth Parliament (PEG) will take place in Milan. The students of the secondary schools will participate, as well as a delegation of representatives of the PEG associations in the other Eusalp regions.

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5-6-7 April 2019 - Milan

Friends of Eusalp Meeting

It is an informal group MEETING where European MEPs from the Eusalp area periodically meet with institutions, stakeholders and civil society to investigate some issues in order to involve and make widely known the strategy to all the actors involved in various ways in its implementation.

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10 April 2019 - Brussels

“Territorial brands in the Alpine Region” A chance for a better valorisation of regional and local agri-food products AG6

Territorial Brands are commercial valorisation instruments, which promote a multiplicity of specialities made in a specific territory. An umbrella organization coordinates the common marketing activities, involves and interfaces with the single producers.

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13-14 May 2019 - Bolzano

Smart villages - a common perspective through different visions - Call for posters

The purpose of the present call is to collect researches, case studies and projects related to Smart Villages from all over the Alpine region.

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23-24 May 2019 - Courmayeur

Rosa Camuna Award 2019

The Rosa Camuna Award, scheduled in the Auditorium Testori on May 29th at 5 pm, is an award that rewards important personalities for the economic, social, cultural and sporting development of our territory every year.

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29 May 2019 - Milan

RIS3 in macro-regional strategies: building a comparative framework to learn from other regions

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25 June 2019 - Milan

Executive Board 2

Event by invitation.

26-27 June 2019 - Milan

Boostalps 2.0 circular economy to boost macroregional sustainable growth

A high-level conference and thematic workshop followed by bilateral international meetings dedicated to the textile value chain, aiming at fostering circular economy business and R&D synergies and collaborations.

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3-4 July 2019 - Milan

The Violins, the voices of the Alps

The event will consist of a concert by a small string orchestra composed of violin makers and young people from Cremona and Europe coordinated by the Violin Museum of Cremona.

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13 July 2019 - Paneveggio (Trento)

Convention of young EUSALP local politicians

The objective is to stimulate the comparison between young local political administrators on the key issues of the Italian presidency (green economy and competitiveness), the signing of the young administrators' paper, in collaboration with ANCI and the corresponding organizations in the other EUSALP countries.

Event by invitation.

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21-22 September 2019 - Como

“Connectivity in the Alpine Region: Focus on the intermodality transport systems and maritime dimension”

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26 September 2019 - Trieste

Convention of young entrepreneurs of the EUSALP area

Competitiveness of businesses is linked to the development of territories. Competitiveness of a territory depends on the ability of its companies to innovate and continuously improve. Young entrepreneurs from the most competitive regions of Europe will have to play their role as innovators and enable social, economic and cultural change to support the transition to Industry 4.0 and global megatrends.

Event by invitation.

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27 September 2019 - Villa Erba, Cernobbio

Workshop: “Work, Inclusion, Sustainability” - Collaboration between profit and no-profit organizations

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6 October 2019 - Bollate (Milan)

3rd Forum on the dual education in the Alpine area AG3

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16 October 2019 - Trento

Energy week 2019: opening event

"We put energy into circulation: the challenges of the circular economy"

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21 October 2019 - Milan

“3rd EUSALP Energy Conference” in the framework of “Energy week – Confartigianato” AG 9

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22 October 2019 - Bergamo

Workshop on Transports (State Minister Level), corridors and GECT Rhine-Alps

22 October 2019 - Genoa

Action Group Leaders Board

- Executive Board 3
- Board of the Action Group Leader

23-24 October 2019 - Milan

3rd Workshop on Communication EUSALP Strategy

After the elaboration of a Strategic Paper on Communication endorsed by the Executive board on March 2019, European Commission and EUSALP Italian Presidency 2019 will host in Milan, on October 24 and 25, a two-days event focused on Internal and External Communication in the Alpine region.

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24-25 October 2019 - Milan

Energy Week: Final Event

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25 October 2019 - Milan


Alpine food as future UNESCO intangible cultural heritage?

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29 October 2019 - Milan

International Bioeconomy Dialogues across the Alpine Space

In the framework of EUSALP Italian Presidency 2019, on November 4 and 5 Milan will host the high level conference "International Bioeconomy Dialogues across the Alpine Space".

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4-5 November 2019 - Milan

EUSALP General Assembly, Annual Forum 2019, final event of the AlpoGov Project and cultural event

While the Italian Eusalp Presidency is coming to its end, the activities are all directed towards the final event of the year: the 3rd EUSALP Annual Forum, 28/29 November 2019, Palazzo Lombardia.

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28-29 November 2019 - Milan

Trio Meeting: Tyrol 2018, Italy 2019 e France 2020

Event by invitation.

12-13 December 2019 - Milan