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Hospitia: a thousand years of hospitality in the Alps

"Hospitia: a thousand years of hospitality in the Alps" is a photographic exhibition organized on the eve of the third EUSALP Annual forum (EU Strategy for the Alpine region) that will be held in Milan on 28-29 November, within the rich program of events that took place during 2019, the year in which the Lombardy Region run its presidency.

Welcoming travelers and pilgrims, protecting them from violence and bandits, offering them shelter and refreshment. The hospices, numerous in the Alps, have played an essential role over the centuries, offering protection to those who set out to cross the Alpine arc. They have therefore become a meeting place for cultures, customs and religions, contributing to the construction of a European identity through values ​​such as the acceptance and hospitality of the foreigner and the needy.

To highlight this function which, in some cases, has survived to the present day is the goal of the photographic and multimedia exhibition "Hospitia: a thousand years of hospitality and hospitality in the Alps" at Palazzo Lombardia from 8 to 30 November, at the Exhibition space.

Free entrance

Monday - Friday from 10 to 18
Saturday closed
Sunday from 14 to 18

For reservations, information and guided tours: eventi@ammira.org